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#1 Bestselling Author of Supernatural Murder Mystery Books
and Best Thrillers Book Awards Finalist!


Paperback or hardcover



"A deliciously supernatural mystery and love story best paired with a glass of a sherry, a crackling fire, and a keen eye for secret messages hidden throughout."

If you enjoy the suspense of Agatha Christie, the cerebral Sherlock Holmes mysteries by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the descriptive writing style of Daphne du Maurier, or the humor of P.G. Wodehouse, you'll adore this supernatural mystery, sprinkled with humor and romance. Watch out for secret messages hidden throughout the text!


Suffering from memory problems in her old age, Hattie Vavaseur is swept off to a curious, old mansion, where she meets the enigmatic and volatile master of the house. With the assistance of a flamboyant medium, she also tries to help discover the murderer of an American salesman. Yet throughout her adventures, Hattie's existence evolves into a single purpose: uncovering the greatest mystery of her past.

2023 Bestseller Lists

U.S. Kindle

#1 Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Literary Fiction

#1 Historical Literary Fiction

#2 Historical Mysteries

#22 Overall Kindle Store

U.K. Kindle

#1 Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

#1 Humorous Literary Fiction

#2 Historical Literary Fiction

#49 Overall Kindle Store

Australia Kindle

#1 Literary Fiction

#2 Historical Mysteries

#44 Overall Kindle Store

India Kindle

#1 Historical Fiction

#5 Crime, Thriller, & Mystery

#48 Overall Kindle Store

Canada Kindle

#2 Literary Fiction

#33 Overall Kindle Store

U.S. Audible

#95 Cozy Mysteries

U.K. Audible

#57 Supernatural Thrillers

#93 Cozy Mysteries

2021 Bestseller Lists

U.S. Kindle

#22 Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

#27 Cozy Mystery

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#1 International Kindle Bestseller, Best Thrillers Book Awards Finalist, &
Audible Bestseller!



Paperback or hardcover


"Verity Easton is one of the year's best paranormal thrillers! Wildsmith is a master of world-building. In her hands, 1930s Egypt is a truly visceral place seen through the eyes of a curious and vulnerable child, where every sound and scent comes alive on the page. All aboard for an uncommonly satisfying murder mystery."


Murder and mayhem abound in this thrilling return to the 1930s as a young woman uncovers her connection to the power and magic of her ancient Egyptian ancestors.


Verity is swept away from England to Egypt when her father, a professor at the British Museum, is assigned to discover the final resting place of Nefertiti. This fascinating world helps Verity feel a connection to her dead Egyptian mother like never before. However, her newfound home is rife with mysterious murders. Will Verity be able to discover the source of the violence that surrounds her before it’s too late?


If you enjoy Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries, the mysticism of Sherlock Holmes stories, the descriptive writing style of Daphne du Maurier, or uncovering the secrets of ancient Egypt, you’ll adore this riveting, tragic story.


Although Verity Easton is a standalone novel, one beloved crossover character from my first novel, Hattie Vavaseur, makes a cameo appearance!

2023 Bestseller Lists

U.S. Kindle

#1 Historical Mysteries

#1 Occult Horror

#14 Overall Kindle Store

U.K. Kindle

#1 Historical Mysteries

#1 Occult Horror

#85 Overall Kindle Store

U.S. Audible

#30 Occult Horror Fiction

#51 Historical Mysteries

U.K. Audible

#50 Occult Horror Fiction


#1 International Kindle Bestseller & Audible Bestseller!

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Coming in 2024!

Evelina Fontana Book Cover.png

It's World War II, and Evelina Fontana has been tasked with spying behind enemy lines for the British government. Will she be able to stay alive when she is trapped in an asylum for the unhinged?


Although Evelina Fontana is a standalone novel, one beloved crossover character from my second novel, Verity Easton, makes a cameo appearance!

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About the Authoress

M. Rebecca Wildsmith lives near the Florida coast with her husband and daughter. She enjoys perusing British literature, writing frivolous songs on the guitar, beachcombing, and wearing dangerously tall stiletto heels (not, of course, simultaneously).

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